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Codification & XBRL Linked

October 17, 2009

The FASB Codification and XBRL are now conjoined within the Codification website. The FASB says that some XBRL elements are now electronically linked into the Codification. The Codification now provides a list of the XBRL links to the paragraphs in the Codification. For an example see ASC-840-10-75. The FASB’s Notice to Constituents provides further details about the references to XBRL imbedded within the Codification.

“The new XBRL functionality provided by the Codification website will help entities as they prepare or plan to prepare XBRL financial statements using the U.S. Financial Reporting Taxonomy,” states FASB Chairman Robert Herz. “Users will be able to very easily identify the XBRL elements associated with specific Codification paragraphs.”

XBRL US announced previously that it had released two XBRL taxonomies that link to the Codification to assist users as they verify that they have reported their transactions according to current US GAAP pursuant to the FASB Codification

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