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EDGAR Release 12.1 Effective Soon – 2009 UGT and Other Taxonomies To Be Removed

June 5, 2012

A new draft version of the EDGAR Filer Manual (Release 12.1 – Version 20) is now available at This latest release of the Edgar Filer Manual will become effective on July 2, 2012.

EDGAR Release 12.1 will introduce several changes. Most notably, EDGAR will no longer support the 2009 US GAAP Taxonomy, US GAAP Taxonomy 1.0, the US Financial Reporting Taxonomy Framework (USFRTF) 2005, the US Schedule of Investments (SOI) Taxonomy 2008, the Risk Return Taxonomy 2008, and the Risk Return Taxonomy 2006.  Filings using these taxonomies will no longer be accepted in the EDGAR system after July 1.

The SEC staff strongly encourages companies to use the most recent version of taxonomy releases for their Interactive Data submissions. Each year significant improvements in available taxonomies are made to address new accounting standards. Additionally, improvements are added to better structure taxonomies for clearer communication of the meaning of  underlying financial disclosures. Taxonomies approved for EDGAR filings may be found at

The SEC has not yet updated the test suite used to assist developers of software that must validate Interactive Data prior to its submission to EDGAR. The test suite will be updated with Release 12.1 (version 20) changes in coming months.

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